digiLED DLPi 2.84mm

Indoor LED Panel

With a pixel pitch of 2.84mm, the digiLED DLPi 2.84 LED Module offers designers a rugged, ultra-high resolution LED product. Black shell 3-in-1 SMD LEDs offer designers & content creators ultra-high definition images.

Further enhancing the user experience and reliability is the NovaStar processing for precise module-to-module calibration. The DLPi2.84 uses the NovaStar A8 receiving card that supports 18bit+ gray scale output when used with a 4K NovaStar processor. This ensures accurate color matching for an overall excellent image and greatly improved blacks and grays. DLPi 2.84 LED modules are both front or rear serviceable with power supply, processor, or components all modular for easy servicing.

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