disguise 4x4pro

Disguise 4x4pro
• Play up to 32 HD layers of HD content
• Real-time playback
• Multiple input options
• Twin 10Gbit/sec ethernet connections
• Up to 4 x 4k DP Outputs


Watchout Server Solution
• 1 x Production Server
• 2 x Show Server
• v5 and v6 Licenses Available
• Show Servers have 16gb RAM, Intel i7 Processors, AMD
WX5100 GPUs and 1TB Internal SSD


Catalyst v5 Solution
• Playback HD or 4K Video Files
• Live HD-SDI Inputs with capture cards
• Controlled via DMX / Artnet or standalone
• Web GUI For Monitoring

Playback Pro

Playback Pro Plus Solution
• Industry Standard non-linear HD Playback Solution
• Easily program cuts/fades/loops
• Plays back most video files
• Network multiple machines for backup

Resolume Arena

Resolume Arena Media Server Solution
• Popular LED Pixel Mapping and VJ Software
• Multiple Laptop and Rackmount Server Solutions
• Ultra Flexible High Resolution video Playback
• Versions 5, 6 and 7 Available

Mad Mapper

Mad Mapper 3
• Advanced tool for video and light mapping
• Quickly slice, map, blend
• Import 3d Models
• Easily output DMX/Artnet to Blend with lights

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